Frequently Asked Questions

Our Product

Do you only sell chicken?

For now... But we don’t plan on stopping there. Our goal is to help the animal protein world reduce its impact on the environment. Follow our social channels for updates on our new and upcoming sustainable products.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Most of it is — and we’re working on the rest. Our packaging consists of trays, liners and thin plastic film. Our trays are made from 100% recyclable rPET. 

Does your chicken taste different than less sustainable chicken?

Our chicken will not make you a better cook. But it will taste like any other high-quality chicken you buy at the supermarket. Ours is just a whole lot better for the world.

Our Mission

How can choosing Do Good Chicken help to end food waste?

If you eat just one package of our chicken per year, you’ll stop a pound of food from going to waste. And if you’re a normal U.S. consumer, you eat an average of 98 pounds of chicken a year. Imagine that impact! 

How can chickens combat climate change?

We are the first U.S. chicken brand with carbon-reduced benefits. We created a closed-loop system where surplus food isn’t going to waste. Instead, it goes into nourishing chickens and drastically reducing carbon emissions.

Why is Do Good Chicken the right choice for my family?

Chicken is delicious. When you purchase Do Good Chicken, you can eat what you love and feel great about every bite. Plus, our chicken is 100% natural — no antibiotics, no added hormones or steroids. Just cage-free chickens raised in the U.S. 

What do you believe is most important when raising chickens?

We believe in raising healthy animals that are free from antibiotics and grown in cage-free environments.  

We believe in providing our customers the highest quality chicken in the marketplace that is 100% natural and free from added ingredients.

Does this mean the chickens are eating garbage?

Absolutely not. Surplus groceries are not garbage. We transport edible, near-expiration food in temperature controlled coolers to assure the food stays fresh. It is then converted into nutrient-dense chicken feed. 

How can you work towards sustainability with so many injustices in the farming industry?

We believe animals should be humanely raised, which is why we choose to lead by example. Our suppliers follow the animal welfare guidelines established by the National Chicken Council. We believe in ensuring that the birds we raise are taken care of with the highest standards starting at hatch. 

I thought chickens should be fed a vegetarian diet. Is that not true?

Chickens are natural omnivores. As one of nature’s foragers, they eat plants, insects, and animals (everything from worms, bugs, and frogs to mice and snakes). A balanced diet is a good thing for chickens and for us — providing essential nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet.

Are you USDA-certified organic?

Since surplus groceries aren’t all organic, our chicken can’t be considered organic. As much as we’d love to feed chickens all-organic groceries, there simply isn’t enough organic surplus food and it would defeat our purpose of ending food waste. We do ensure our chicken is 100% all natural, free from antibiotics with no added antibiotics or steroids. 

For Grocers

Will this cost supermarkets money?

Not a penny. We’ll bring the reusable coolers and pick up your surplus groceries all for free. 

Will my shoppers really care?

Most likely. We sure do! Statistics show that ninety-six percent of people feel their own actions like donating, recycling, or buying ethically, can make a difference — and over half believe that they personally can make a big difference.