Creating the future that we want isn’t easy, but it’s a critically important component of preserving our planet. At Do Good Foods we know we can dramatically change food waste and its impact on climate change — and that’s what gets us out of bed every morning. Yet, we recognize that living sustainability is an imperfect journey and there’s so much for us to learn along the way, and we humbly recognize we can’t do it alone.

Every day we’re inspired by companies, brands, and thoughtful people who share our passion to make our world better, and we think you’ll find them inspiring, too. Below are just a few of the many change agents, rebels, disruptors, and heroes who are on this journey with us. They encourage us with the many ways in which they’ve put their passion and compassion for our planet and its people into practice, showing us that individual actions can and do make a difference in creating a better future for all of us.

Meet 9 Organizations and Companies that Inspire Us 

1. Blue Star Recycling

Blue Star recycles electronics and provides jobs for people with autism and other disabilities. We find their mission doubly encouraging because, in keeping electronics out of landfills, they prevent toxins like arsenic, lead, and cadmium from leaking into our ecosystem, and they also provide opportunities and pay living wages to marginalized individuals with their recycling fees.

When it comes time to trade up your TV or dispose of your old laptop, look for organizations like Blue Star to keep electronics out of landfills.

2. FED Boulder

Like us, chef and entrepreneur Donna Merten is fighting food waste, so we’re all for that! Her novel solution is her company FED (which stands for Farm Eats Direct) which she created to help farmers as well as her community. FED buys local farmers’ surplus and then Chef Donna puts her culinary skills to work by crafting and delivering affordable meals through catering, meal kits, and a food truck in the Boulder area. We love that food is enjoyed instead of ending up in landfills and that farmers are paid for the food they grow and raise. If you’re not in Boulder, you can support farmers in your area through local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) to purchase fresh, local, seasonal produce, eggs, and meat.

3. Reuse Seattle

How could we not be inspired when an entire city is committed to helping the environment by reducing single-use plastic? Reuse Seattle is a public/private partnership that provides practical solutions and systems to replace single-use plastic disposable products with more sustainable, reusable products. They’ve enlisted major sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, and other partners throughout Seattle to join together to fight plastic pollution.  

Do your part to keep single-use plastics out of landfills with reusable cups, utensils, storage containers, trays, etc. and when you must buy plastic, look for rPET (like the kind we use in our Do Good Chicken™ packaging).

4. Flawsome Drinks

You know what’s flawed, but also awesome? Well, if we’re being honest, we all are, but in this instance, we’re referring to Flawsome Drinks. This brand sources the flawed, but awesome “imperfect” fruits that grocery stores and other produce suppliers deem unsellable and turns those wonky and surplus fruit into awesome drinks. Flawsome has saved more than 24 million pieces of fruit from otherwise being wasted! We know that 40% of grocery food ends up in a landfill, so we’re all for everyone doing their part to ensure good food doesn’t go to waste — which is why we think this is an awesome brand!

If you’d like to reduce food waste, go ahead and buy those wonky fruits, use or freeze good food before it goes bad, and support other companies that fight food waste (hint, hint, check out our store locator).

5. Perennial

We’re inspired by all kinds of upcycling, even if it’s not food related. That’s why we want to give a shout out to Perennial in St. Louis, MO. Perennial is a nonprofit that teaches students how to creatively upcycle salvaged materials. They offer craft and DIY classes, a workshop with woodworking and other tools to share, and  talented staff on-hand to help with tools or projects if needed. Plus, they offer free programs to women at transitional points in their lives due to former incarceration, domestic violence, homelessness, and more. Through their sustainability efforts, they not only improve lives, create art, and build community, they also divert over 10,000 pounds of material from going into landfills. 

You’d be surprised what can be created by upcycling. Try a Pinterest search and be inspired yourself.

6. Oatly

At Do Good Chicken™ we recognize that sustainability is a journey and, while perfection is the goal, transparency is crucial. That’s why we admire Oatly. They are an oat drink company based primarily in Europe that blew us away with their recent, honest sustainability report. They are truly transparent on their website about where the company is today with regard to sustainability and have an action plan on how they want to do better. They are the gold standard, and it’s our hope to be like them with how we communicate our sustainability journey.

Have you ever thought of doing a quick Google search to see if the brands you support publish a sustainability report or provide statistics and facts as to how they help our planet? No greenwashing, please.

7. Loliware

When it comes to the environment, plastic straws suck. Americans use around 500 million drinking straws daily on average — enough to fill more than 125 school buses with straws every. single. day! These used straws end up in landfills or find their way into the waterways where they contribute to the massive amount of ocean plastic that’s polluting our planet. We love that Loliware found a solution from within the ocean with their SEA technology, a plastic alternative material that’s made from seaweed. Straws made with their material are plastic-free and decompose about as fast as a banana peel in the garbage or compost bin.

We love that you don’t have to give up straws to be Earth-smart — you can simply choose a different straw. It’s like how you can fight food waste and combat climate change just by changing the chicken you buy.

8. Too Good To Go 

While all of us at Do Good Foods are focused on upcycling healthy surplus grocery food, we wondered what’s being done with all that doesn’t get eaten at hotels, restaurants, and shops every day (think sushi, baked goods, fresh fruits, and vegetables). It turns out, Too Good To Go came up with a fantastic solution by creating an app where people can pick up and take home “surprise bags” of food directly from participating businesses at a discount. It’s just one more smart way to keep surplus foods out of the landfill and help fight climate change.

In a world where people are hungry, it’s heartbreaking that there’s so much food wasted every day. We applaud all efforts to make sure people get the first choice at surplus food from grocery stores, which is why we make our chicken feed from the surplus that remains after any community donations are made. Avoid wasting food at home by better understanding expiration dates

9. Patagonia 

When it comes to Patagonia, “inspired” just isn’t a big enough word. More like in complete and total awe of their tireless commitment to the environment, which was just taken to a whole new level as the CEO and his family recently gave away their company to benefit climate change. “Instead of ‘going public,’ you could say we’re ‘going purpose’ Yvon Chouinard said in a statement


As if that wasn’t enough, they will continue to stay true to their core values: to build the best product while limiting ecological impact, to cause no unnecessary harm, to use their business to protect nature, and to not be bound by convention. We are especially inspired by their transparency, how they guarantee their product, and that they offer people the ability to buy used, trade in, or fix their gear through Worn Wear. Plus they pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the Earth through their 1% for the Planet program. There are so many ways to find and sell quality upcycled and thrifted clothing — it’s a great way to save both money and resources.

Which planet-friendly companies inspire you? 

We believe there’s a whole world full of people doing good. What companies, individuals, and organizations inspire you?

Head on over to Do Good Chicken™ on Facebook or Instagram and tell us who your favorite sustainable companies are — we’d love to hear from you, learn from them, and get a daily dose of inspiration on how to create the future we envision.