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As we reflect on our first full year of operations, we want to thank our partners and employees for all their hard work and dedication in helping us change our food system forever. 

At Do Good Foods our goal and vision from the onset has been to find solutions where we all work together to solve the largest environmental problems within our food system, including the impact food waste has on climate change. And we’re doing it. In our first year alone, we have diverted over 28 million pounds of food from landfills avoiding approximately 3500 metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. 

As if that’s not enough, we also offer delicious chicken to people across the country. Do Good ChickenÂŽ can now be found at grocery chains, food service operators, in corporate dining rooms, as well as in many colleges and stadiums.  When people learn that each Do Good Chicken fights food waste and prevents approximately 3 lbs of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere – they’re happy to make a different choice in the chicken they choose to serve. It is inspiring to see that people truly care about making a difference and helping our planet.

But we have only just begun.  We’re fueled with a passion to change the way people think about how their food choices impact our planet. If 1 out of every 5 pieces of chicken was a Do Good Chicken, we would solve food waste in 5 years!  This would be a massive environmental win for us all—and we can’t wait any longer.  We need to improve our current food system at scale immediately, while we simultaneously create a better food system for the future. Do Good Foods goal is to help solve food waste across the country as quickly as possible and inform and empower chefs, consumers, and corporations to be a part of the solution and reduce Scope 3 emissions. Our closed loop regenerative system is a great first step to do good for our planet.

At Do Good Foods, we recognize that there is no silver bullet to climate change–we need all the solutions, implemented at scale.  The reality is that our food system is massive, and in the next 5-10 years we need to continue to collaborate and innovate to create the change necessary to make a meaningful impact.  

We can’t stop now. Without partners committed to creating a better future, we could not have accomplished the amazing results in our first year of business. Thank you to our Food Service Distributors, Grocery Retailers, Corporate Clients, Universities & Convention Centers. We hope that each year more and more companies join us in our mission to do good for plate and planet.